Improvisations 1 for Hager Fikir 3/7/í97

in Eritreia/Tigray.
She comes in. Something terrible has happened. She is like dizzy. He makes a small joke, she does not react. She tries to wash her hands all the time. He tries to go to her but she evades him. She has tears. Asks mechanically what he wants to eat tonight. After he answers, she asks again.

in Eritreia/Tigray:
It is too late. They have to leave immediately, they have waited too long. They are looking in the house, in panic. What to take? Where are the ID cards? Where are the children? One of the children is missing. Is it with an aunt? Can we reach them?
Letís forget it. We canít go.
But we must. It is too late.
What will happen to the house?
How can we pack all the clothes?
Where are the photographs?
It is too late.
We must go. Now.

On the road.
She cannot go on. She sits. He wants her to get on her feet again. He pulls her, beats her. She gets up. He takes her suitcase. He cannot carry it. What is in it? He must leave it. She sits down with it. He pulls her, they must go on. What is in the suitcase? She falls. Is he leaving her?

On the road.
One lays aside, dying, with luggage. They pass, search the luggage for food. Take some. The dying person asks for water. They have none. They go on.

In the shelter
They are put in a tent. After some time, more people are put in the same time, they move. After some time, again, and again.

In the shelter.

They get food. The day passes by. They wash, they get food.
In the shelter.
Farinji (foreigners) come to help. They give only to the weakest. After some time everybody is the weakest.

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