Marc-Jan Trapman's Home Page

The Transfer of Ideology
between Generations:

In these pages I want to introduce you to my work.
There are two main, interrelated area's:
The Arts, and Mental Health, especially after armed conflicts.

The Arts Mental Health & Community
Mental Health for
Children and Youth
In Communities
after Armed Conflict

Practical work and discussion,
related to intervention projects in
in Croatia, Ethiopia and Cambodia

(This part of the site is in English)

Practical work and discussion,
after 30 years of work in 
the field of experimental 
theatre for youth 
in The Netherlands
(Mostly in Dutch)
De Moet en Het Mag
Presented at a contest for ideas for the 
destination of a former factory complex 
in the west of Amsterdam
A plan For the Reception of Refugees
within the framework of anti-racist action. 1992
On Quality and 
Organisation in the Arts
Texts for Dutch Artist's Unions
An Essay on 
a Phenomenon in Ideology
Texts & such
A proposal tot translate Gerard Reve in Arabic.
(Very Dutch)
Educational Reform
and Conflict
At de University 
of Amsterdam, 1980
Contemporary Dutch Art
An Introduction to the group Exposition
"The Netherlands Meet Bremen"
(in Dutch and German)

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